Year 9 Waratah Bay Hike

When it came to making the first dinner, we were supposed to be making chicken and rice. I was supposed to bring the chicken, and he was supposed to bring the rice and oil. I soon found out that my partner had forgot to bring the rice due to some miscommunication, so I used the wraps that I had brought for the emergency meal. He also couldn’t find the oil that he had packed so we just asked if we could use the teacher’s oil instead. We finalised with making a wrap containing only chicken with butter chicken sauce. Other than that, there were not many issues regarding the menu plan.

By the end of the camp, I was tired but happy, because I had challenged myself by accepting multiple leadership roles and therefore immersing myself in the camp in a way that would have been impossible if I hadn’t challenged myself the way I did.

Me and Samrina both took on the role of whip; the whip had to stay at the back of the group to make sure everyone was alright and accounted for. We played this role well as no one was hurt under our supervision and everyone was accounted for.

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