School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) program

Kew High School is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students. We have implemented the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) Program. SWPBS is a framework that aims to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures and is founded on the belief that positive behaviour can be taught and learned. Furthermore, we believe that consistent behaviour management across a school can make for a more calm, orderly learning environment, as well as setting students up for success later in life.

The matrix below was created in collaboration with staff, students and parents, and outlines the expected behaviours of our students across different settings. These behaviours are taught explicitly and reinforced consistently, to ensure that all students have clear expectations.

At Kew High School we strive for excellence through living our values

  All settingsLearning spacesSchool groundsICT
AccountabilityWe arrive on time.
We meet our responsibilities.
We bring the required equipment.
We complete set work.
We submit work on time.
We act safely.
We put rubbish in bins.
We follow the KHS Acceptable Use Policy.
We use devices for learning.
Social EquityWe are kind and polite to others.
We encourage others.
We use appropriate and inclusive language.
We celebrate diversity
We help others learn.
We welcome different ideas.
We acknowledge the work and
contribution of others.
We share spaces equitably.
We queue correctly.
We are inclusive online.
ParticipationWe do our best.
We actively participate and include others.
We ask for and accept help.
We acknowledge everyone’s efforts.
We stay on task.
We engage in discussions and group tasks.
We ask questions.
We keep devices away when outside.We check Compass and email daily.
IntegrityWe are honest.
We are open-minded.
We represent Kew High School with pride.
We submit our own work.We are upstanders, not bystanders.We keep mobile phones in lockers.
We are cybersafe.
We protect our digital footprint.
RespectWe follow instructions.
We use respectful language.
We respect the views and opinions of others.
We wear the uniform correctly.
We take care of property.
We listen to others.We are considerate of others.
We use spaces as intended.
We report harassment or bullying.
We act constructively online.