Parents and Friends Association

Role in the school community

QNetwork is the Parents and Friends Association of Kew High School and embraces everyone who is part of the school — parents, carers, staff and students.

Involvement in QNetwork can be in a myriad of ways, and as little or as much as suits you. For the keen volunteer, you can attend meetings, become a committee member and contribute to the running of the network as a whole. For those who prefer a little less commitment, we send out regular emails requesting helpers for one-off activities.

The QNetwork is a great way to meet other parents/carers, work collaboratively with staff and students on a range of projects and become a part of the Kew High School community. We welcome your input in any form and look forward to hearing from you.

The QNetwork generally meets in the second week of each term. Meeting details are announced via Compass.

QNetwork mailing list

The QNetwork mailing list will keep you informed of meetings, events and other goings-on. Signing up to this mailing list means that from time to time you will receive our requests for help, however you are in no way obliged to help if you do not wish to do so.

Click here to sign up for the QNetwork mailing list or get in touch directly via email: qnetworkpfa@gmail.com.

QNetwork Committee Office Bearers 2022-2023




Ken Brown


Simon Earl


Clare Stone


Catriona Christie


Elizabeth Tatham

School Council Representative

Paula Davey