Kew High School Leading teachers and leadership

Josie Millard


Jane Thornton

Assistant Principal

Pamela Dunstall

Assistant Principal

Business Manager: Ruchi Patel

Leading Teachers
Leader of Curriculum and Pedagogy: James Dean
Leader of Student Voice and Agency: Katy Tucker
Leader of Learning – Junior School: Elisa Catanzariti
Leader of Learning – Middle School: James de Lacy
Leader of Learning – Senior School: Will Creagh
Leader of Student Wellbeing: Andrew Thickins

Learning Specialists
Literacy: Lincoln Le Fevre
Numeracy: Wade Aitken
Achievement: Dan Norton
Engagement:  Stephen Barrett

Year Level Coordinators 
Year 7: Nick Serafidis and Jack Casonato
Year 8: Dasha Vorbieva and Hannah Rosa
Year 9: Peter Boubis and Olivier Elzingre
Year 10: Rebecca Holwell-Laidler and Trish Tedesco
Year 11: Bronwyn Ghensi and Spirro Chrisafis
Year 12: Sam Gleeson and Anthony Lucca

Student Support
Careers Education Leader: Elena Tsaveas
Senior Counsellor: Rosemary Carter

Learning Area Leaders
Arts and Media: Michael Brandt
English and EAL: Calli Varoussiadis
Food Studies: Belinda McVean
HAPE and OED: Anne Wallace
Humanities: Caitlin Davey
Languages: Claire Poletti
Mathematics: Tim Gason
Science and STEM: Madeleine Tilley

Co-Curricular Programs
Leader of Sport: Chantelle Spiller-Ball
SRC Liaison Teacher: Mark Rossouw
Volleyball Program Coordinator: Louise Bates
Debating Liaison Teacher: Ronald Lee
Production Music: Kylie Kollmorgen, Adrian Jackson, Harry Arvanitis