Digital learning

The learning and teaching program at Kew High School is enhanced by the integrated use of digital technologies. Our innovative use of a range of platforms to support learning is made possible through the QTablet Program.

Extensive literature on the use of digital technologies in education suggests that tablet PCs are an essential tool for both students and teachers in the 21st-century classroom. The development and delivery of meaningful technology-integrated programs that support critical and creative thinking across the curriculum is deliberately designed to enhance student engagement and learning progress.

The QTablet program aims to enhance students’ 21st-century learning experience by:

  • allowing teachers and students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities
  • creating in students a positive response to learning
  • engaging students in higher order thinking and learning
  • fostering a cooperative learning environment
  • refining presentation skills
  • improving students’ ability to access, manipulate and analyse data
  • increasing the level of student engagement and improving learning outcomes
  • increasing variety and flexibility in learning programs
  • improving students’ organisational, literacy and numeracy skills
  • improving teacher–student feedback.

Kew High School places a high value on the development and maintenance of positive, healthy, respectful relationships and a supportive environment for all members of the school community. Students are supported in developing responsible digital citizenship through understanding the ethical, cultural and societal issues relating to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). They will practise responsible ICT use and develop positive attitudes towards ICT that foster lifelong learning, personal growth, collaboration and productivity. As part of their responsible digital citizenship, students are required to read and agree to an Acceptable Usage Agreement for the QTablet Program.

The Information Technology (IT) team members at Kew High School are widely recognised as leaders in their field. They provide ongoing technology support to students and staff, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the QTablet Program.

Our successful transition to remote learning when required has been testament to the agility and expertise of out IT team and staff, and has ensured that student learning and connectedness has continued regardless of the external challenges that may exist.

The QTablet Program operates under a device lease arrangement, with students entering into two 3-year leases over their 6-year period at the school (Years 7–9 and Years 10–12). After each 3-year period, families can purchase their tablet for a nominal fee.