Our approach

At Kew High School, our vision is to provide an outstanding holistic education that supports and encourages every student to aspire, strive and achieve. Kew High School students and staff are confident, generous people who feel connected to the school and its community. Instructional practice at Kew High School is centred around students as active learners who are able to take responsibility for and direct their learning.

Continuous improvement

Clearly defined professional learning processes and practices are the key drivers of continuous improvement within our school. They strengthen the link between improved teacher learning, improved classroom practice and enhanced student achievement. Teachers work collaboratively, using data and other learning evidence to build their understanding of their own teaching practice, as well as each student’s learning progress. These high standards are reached through established professional learning teams and a deep and abiding commitment to students.

High expectations

We have high expectations of our students. We ask every one of them to ASPIRE. The values of accountability, social equity, participation, integrity, respect and excellence are embedded in the daily life of the school. Our classroom learning norms are framed by these values, which are explicitly taught and celebrated across our school.

Students are accountable for their learning, they participate with respect and integrity, and they strive towards excellence.


While we have high expectations of every student, we also expect our school to provide a learning program that engages and includes every student. To this end, we offer a huge range of subjects across the Victorian Curriculum (Years 7–10) and in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), as well as access to many Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects through our partner provider. At Kew High School, students have choice. With the support of our comprehensive careers education program, students can choose to explore and excel in the learning areas they are most passionate about.

Building a sense of self-efficacy

Kew High School is a proud coeducational government school. We know that it is within public schools that our public is created, and so we commit ourselves to educating young people such that they in turn will feel empowered, equipped and confident to make their very best contribution to our society.