Philosophy and values


Aspire. Strive. Achieve.

At Kew High School, our vision is to provide an outstanding holistic education that supports and encourages every student to aspire, strive and achieve.

Kew High School students and staff are confident, generous people who feel connected to the school and its community. Instructional practice is centred around students as active learners who are able to take responsibility for and direct their learning.

Kew High School is a community that believes strongly in its well-established culture of educational excellence and high achievement in all areas of learning.

Our students aspire to reach their potential within a culture of integrity, social equity, and respect for themselves and others. They know that by continually striving to be their best they build their capability to participate positively and productively in all areas of society.


The values of Kew High School ask every student to ASPIRE.

These six values underpin every aspect of the teaching and learning environment and are embedded in the daily life of our school.

Our classroom learning norms are framed by these values. Students are accountable for their learning, they participate with respect and integrity, and they strive towards excellence.

Our school-wide positive behaviour framework is based on our values. Students act with integrity, they respect themselves and others, and they recognise the importance of social equity in our diverse community.

These values are explicitly taught, and are celebrated across our school. They provide an easily accessible moral framework for students and promote a challenging learning environment and a supportive and inclusive school community.