Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Kew High School is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. At Junior level (Years 7 and 8) as part of the core curriculum, students study art, ceramics, and visual communication and design (VCD). From Year 9 onwards, the Visual Arts form part of the elective offerings from which students are able to create their course of study. A wide range of study options are available, including painting, drawing, urban art, film, photography, textiles, printmaking, and VCD. At Senior level, VCE Units 1–4 studies can be undertaken in Art, Studio Arts, Media and VCD.

Visual Arts is a unique, expressive, creative, and communicative discipline that engages students in critical and creative thinking and helps them understand themselves and the world. The Arts nurture cultural understanding, invention, new directions and technology.

Our experienced, talented and dedicated staff guide students in the development of their creativity and skills, critically exploring visual culture through works that involve the fusion of traditional and contemporary forms, including digital media. The focus is on encouraging the development of a personal style through divergent thinking, risk-taking and creative problem-solving. Excellent facilities, including laser cutters, 3D printers, up-to-date digital platforms, lighting equipment and studios allow students to explore and express their unique creative style.

Students’ work is regularly displayed around the school, as well as being used in publications and promotional materials. Visual Art and Design exhibitions are held annually, and the work of Kew High School VCE students is often selected for display at the state’s Top Arts and Top Designs exhibitions — recognition that underscores the dedication of our staff and the focus on students’ creative development that is key to the Kew High School Visual Arts program.