School council

Kew High School has an active School Council that assists in the decision-making and running of the school.

The council is comprised of teaching staff, parents and the Principal. Meetings are held at 7.00 pm on Monday evenings, in the staff room and are open to members of the school community.

2022 School council members




Josie Millard – Executive Officer

Assistant Principals

Pamela Dunstall

Jane Thornton

Business manager

Ruchi Patel

Parent/Community representatives

James Thyer – President

Deborah Howard – Vice President

Joanne Clough - Treasurer

Darren Briggs

Nicole Gyomber

Graeme Hazeldine

Lisa Marquette

Angelo Sansano

Student members

Jude Harris

Claire Williams

DET employee members

Anthony Lucca

Penelope Cleghorn