Year 9 Outdoor Education camp

The following are some quotes from the students camp reflection.

Honestly, I didn't have very high expectations prior to the camp because I wasn't really close with many people and it wasn't really my usual crowd. However, as soon as we got on the bus, I was proven wrong. I really enjoyed the camp and got closer to so many people I don't think I would have interacted with before, if it wasn't for the camp.

I mainly took the role of navigator for the first bushwalk. I learned how to read a map and a compass throughout the leadership role, though it was challenging at first. On this camp, I had just about everything that I needed; but next time I would bring soap steel wool to make cleaning the Trangia stoves easier.

My favourite part of the third night was the games we played. Chatting and socialising with everyone there, whilst we competed in such silly activities, was really fun; and not to brag but I totally won my challenge. I believe that night was really important in the friendships we created.

For my bushwalk pack, I found the easiest way to pack everything was to lay everything out and see if you are able to reduce the amount of clothing and food you bring, and then distribute everything between my day pack and my big back pack.

I think Emily and I made good decisions during the hike. We did turn the wrong way but Emily remained really level headed; she asked what I wanted to do and we decided together what we were going to do. At the start we often needed help in decision making but, by the end of the hike, we were really assertive.

Even though we did not know each other very well, the atmosphere of the class was really good. Everyone got along well and there weren't many feuds between the class. Lunch at shallow inlet was good, the sand dunes were fun and there were great views. I was excited before the surf lesson, although the waves were somewhat small, and I wasn't focused enough to catch a good wave.

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