Year 9 Home Economics – Street food

Design your food van

Kerry Power

As part of our Year 9 Home Economics course, students were asked to design a food van concept for a multicultural food festival. The results were fantastic! Students researched various cuisines from around the world to showcase in their presentations. Sharing their projects with the class in remote learning gave us all a sense of travel once again.

Congratulations Year 9s on another job well done!

For this Home Economics task, we were required to design the menu, uniforms and van of food truck business. The theme and menu had to represent a country’s food. As I am Hungarian, I chose Hungary. This task was very fun and enjoyable compared to most other work in lockdown. I really enjoyed this task as it was creative. I learnt more about some of the Hungarian cuisine I hadn’t had before and some of the drinks I didn’t know existed. Doing this task reminded me of my last trip to Hungary just before lockdowns started. Many of the foods I spoke about are popular Christmas foods and they are prepared fresh in the streets, and the streets smell amazing with the scent of mulled wine and fresh paprika. I really enjoyed this task. It brought back my memories of my trip to Europe and was fun and enjoyable.

Recipe research
Menu Design
Van, uniform and packaging
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