Year 7 science

Sam and Ruby (7A)

In the past few lessons, we have been looking at techniques used to separate mixtures of two different components. We explored decanting, filtration, distillation, crystallisation, chromatography, magnetism, flocculation and centrifugation. We participated in multiple practical experiments. The first was filtration, where we added chalk to water and separated it through a paper filter nestled in a funnel. We then looked into centrifugation, then chromatography, in which we identified substances through differentiating between the colours and how far they travelled up through the chromatography paper, based upon how soluble the ink components were.With the flocculation practical activity, we used chemical flocculants to bind with the particles of dirt and other impurities in the water which then formed a sediment on the bottom of the beakers. We learnt a lot throughout these couple of weeks and it was a great way to end another year of learning.

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