Year 7 Ambassador visits

Pamela Dunstall

Transition to secondary school can be a very daunting step for many Grade 6 students. In order to assist in this transition, a group of Year 7 students were selected as Transition Ambassadors to attend some of the local primary schools to speak to students about top tips and tricks when starting secondary school. While last year this process had to be done via Webex, this year we were lucky enough to be able to visit many of the schools in person. In the lead up to the visits, students worked with Ms Elizabeth Spence to develop their presentations, including its content and the delivery. Some of the topics covered included organisation, different classes, timetables and the all-important canteen. When it came time for the presentations, many of the Ambassadors were able to return to their old primary schools and meet with their former Principals, teachers and the current Grade 6 students. Our students were so excited to share how their journey to secondary school has gone and answer all the questions that the Grade 6 students had.

I would like to thank all of our Ambassadors for 2021 including Taj Cairs, Radin Issavi, Summer Leitl, Cooper Asciak, Paula Bleby, Stella Davis, Luke Ditchburn, Elis Parton, Niamh Hogan, Ben Luescher, Matisse Varga, Apollo Koutsogiannis, Claudia Dal Pos, Elsa McEvoy, Hannah Sertori, Holly Porter, April Callahan, Rohan Hobbs, Charlie Drew, Samuel Elliot, Molly Cunningham, James Edgar, Zane Ibrahim, Siena Jobsen and Tao Murasawa. You did a great job at both representing the school and alleviating some of the worry that the Year 7s for 2022 had.

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