Year 12 Media class goes to TOP SCREEN

On Thursday 26th March the year 12 Media class travelled to the city to see TOP SCREEN for 2022, which showcased the best films made by year 12 media students in 2021. There were over 250 entries but only sixteen were selected. The screening was held at the grand Capitol Theatre. The screening ran for over an hour with a question-and-answer session afterwards. There was an array of films and topics including animations, documentaries, dramas and comedies. The standard was very high. Even if some films weren’t to the students tastes, there was enough to inspire and get the students thinking about their own productions; this includes students choosing to do photography. The class was joined by Sean Stockman, who did year 12 Media last year and did very well in the subject. All in all, it was an excellent excursion. It is hoped that some of our students will make terrific productions and get chosen for TOP ARTS 2023. 

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