Year 11 VET Surf Lifesaving Camp

On the last day of the VET Surf Lifesaving Camp at Inverloch Surf Beach, students participated in a patrol scenario which required them to work as a trainee lifeguard. 

“When I worked as a Life Guard, I patrolled both the tower and at the water’s edge. A challenge I faced when patrolling at the water’s edge was when I encountered a patient who suffered from concussion from a direct impact from another surfer. I made sure he was comfortable and put him into the recovery position, taking care to minimise any movement of the spine. I then worked with the other members on patrol to manage his condition until further assistance arrived. A challenge I faced when patrolling the tower was coordinating the emergencies that seemed to all happen at once. I found this hard as I had to make decisions about who needed the most urgent help.”
Sam King
Year 11 student

Along with completing their Surf Lifesaving Bronze Medallion, students also participated in two surf lessons and a range of other water safety activities. Students were also required to demonstrate care for the fragile coastal and implement a range of environmental minimal impact strategies.

Dan Norton

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