Victorian Institute of Sport – VCE Unit 1

by Catherine Gayfer

On 23rd of May VCE Unit 1 PE students visited the Victorian Institute of Sport at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park to hear a talk from several VIS personnel, who drew on their extensive experience about AOS 1 and 2 topics: of actual and perceived benefits and potential harms of legal and illegal substances, and methods that enhance performance of the musculoskeletal system such as nutritional supplements and hormones and blood doping.

Sue White – Chief Medical Officer and Director of Performance Health Services at the Victorian Institute of Sport, as well as chair of the World Anti-Doping TUE Expert Advisory Group – instructed the students on the physiological effects of legal and illegal strategies that enhance the performance of the cardiovascular system, and discussed the ethical and sociocultural considerations of legal and illegal practices associated with enhancing the performance of the musculoskeletal system in sport.

After downloading the Sport Integrity Australia App, one classmate was surprised to discover that he would have tested positive to a drug test and been banned from competing at the elite level because of the pre-workout supplement he was taking. We discovered it contains a banned substance, and he would have disqualified from competition by WADA.

A VIS dietitian then spoke to the group about fuels (chemical and food) required for resynthesis of ATP at rest and during physical activity, and nutritional and rehydration strategies to enhance recovery including water, carbohydrate and protein replenishment.

Finally, after a tour of the VIS training facilities, we heard real athlete stories, and learnt a variety of practical activities to engage students. Josh Katz, pictured with the group, spoke about his personal journey to the Commonwealth and Olympic games (representing Australia in Judo) as well as his training, work ethic and motivation to excel in his chosen sport. We wish Josh all the best as he strives to qualify for Judo team representing Australia at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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