Top Screen

Danny Gesundheit

Year 11 and 12 Media classes had the great opportunity to visit ACMI on Wednesday 29th March, to watch Top Screen.

Top Screen is part of VCAA’s Seasons of Excellence highlighting the brilliant work of year 12 students who complete arts-based subjects like Media, Art, Theatre Studies, Music. Top Screen focuses on the film work of Media students from 2022. Melbourne Museum is also hosting Top Designs which features audio, photography and print work from Media students. This year’s Top Screen program had 15 films selected from over 300 entrants from across the state. 

The students were treated to an array of wonderful work in the state-of-the-art ACMI theatre. Animation, music video, drama and documentary were some of the genres of the films. It is hoped the experience was one of inspiration for the students especially when they come to making their own media products. Hopefully, we will see a Kew High student in Top Screen or Top Designs next year.

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