Top Arts 2022

Kew High School exhibitor for 2022 – Studio Arts 

Spores of Confidence 2021 by Clay Gaia-Butcher

Ideas behind the work …

Spores of Confidence is about growth of identity and self, and finally feeling confident in my identity and body through the realisation of my being non-binary. The lockdown allowed me to analyse my subconscious and what brings me joy and comfort. In the work, each of the small characters reflect a small part of my personality, or express an emotion or human connection, despite being alien in nature. The mushrooms represent many things including the feeling of otherness, as they are not an animal and not really a plant and are viewed both as something mystical and fairytale-esque and as a parasitic fungus.

Top Arts is exhibiting at:

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia,
Fed Square Ground Level,
NGV Studio17 Mar 22 – 24 Jul 22
Open 10am–5pm daily

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