Sustainability & Eco Crew

by Elise Dunstan and Steve Barrett

Term 3 calendar has been a full and exciting one for the Eco Crew! Students have made beeswax wraps, mulched various parts of the school grounds, attended a letter writing workshop, embedded more worm towers across the school, and participated in Planet Ark’s School Tree Planting day. This was a significant one as 60 members of the KHS school community including the Eco Crew to plant 60 natives behind the soccer pitch. In addition, Eco Crew students planted indigenous plants around the majestic gum tree between the soccer pitches. This project was designed and led by Yr.7 student Arley Hobsbawn with the help Gardener Phillip. Another highlight of term 3 has been students from the Eco Crew attending the Kids Teach Kids conference held at Edendale Farm in Eltham. This even involved primary and secondary aged students attending from different schools ad presenting on different projects and activities that support the environment and are considered climate action. Special mention to Yr.9 students Eva Lam and Stan Kleynjans presented on implementing an in-ground composting system AKA worm towers across the school. Arley presented on designing and creating native gardens in high traffic zones as well as increasing habitat for wildlife. All students relished the opportunity to be in nature and loved connecting with Edendale’s animals. At the end of the day Kew High School students pledged to attempt to grow duckweed (a future food!) and creating more bird friendly gardens at Kew. Finally, the Green 15 campaign continues and has proven to help reduce the school’s power consumption, cost and carbon emissions significantly compared to this time last year. A lot to celebrate this term!

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