Student reflections – Year 10 P.E.

By Catherine Gayfer
Leader of Health & Physical Education

We felt very happy after going on PE excursions to Bounce, Croquet, Mini golf and Ice-skating. These excursions have enhanced the relationship between us (as international students) and our peers. We have spent our time with some other students that significantly improved our social and mental health, by making us feel more confident and less lonely in a new country. Moreover, we feel that those activities are also valuable for our physical health as we built up stamina and strength.

Our class took a trip to Bounce where we participated in a range of activities that furthered our physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. Our mental health was enhanced because exercise is proven to boost your mood and release endorphins that will ultimately make you happier. Furthermore, social health was improved as it’s a very social setting where staff interact with us, along with communicating with other schools, and kids who were a part of the same session as us. I think everyone was involved and participated through challenges, races or just bouncing together. We all came together as a class and did things like trying to climb a wall, race on the rock clinging, doing flips etc. Additionally, our physical health was improved because we were practicing movement and employing our fitness components through physical activities such as bouncing, flipping, climbing, shooting to name a few. Our whole class had a great time and enjoyed going to such a fun place that had something for everyone.

We went to the Kew Croquet Club on 13 September. During this excursion, we were taught how to play croquet by croquet club members and then played a game against our peers. I enjoyed the croquet excursion as it was a sport that I had never played before, and I found that the game was fun when playing with friends. Playing croquet in small groups helped me talk to some of my peers that I had had much less contact with before the excursion. We had plenty of playing time and enjoyed the experience.

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