STEM Centre officially opens

It’s been in the pipe works for years and with the build completed, we were thrilled to see our new STEM Centre officially opened by Education Minister, Natalie Hutchins MP! Guests marvelled at the impressive space and facilities, and as both Principal Josie and MP Natalie mentioned, it’s not the buildings that are most important, it’s people who occupy them. But, given the future of work depends on STEM knowledge and skills, and the traditional role of a school is to prepare youth for the workforce, having a state-of-the-art facility such as our new STEM Centre will enable a higher, wider, deeper level of teaching and learning to cater to this demand.

Central to the STEM movement is the inclusion of the arts. It’s therefore fitting the artistic department is incorporated in this beautiful space hence showing equal value of creativity, design and media in our school’s offering.

The physical space, the sincerity of the Minister and Principal’s speeches, the charismatic MCing led by the school captains, Jude and Claire as well as the toe-tapping music played by students all created a memorable occasion and so much pride felt by many members of the whole and wider school community.

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