Ride 2 School

Michael Roberts
Year 12

On the 24th of March the annual “Ride-to-School” day went off without a hitch.

There was a whopping 203 recorded students who caught public transport to school, 34 students who where driven in by car, 31 students who walked and 26 cyclists who braved the cold when riding to school, later tucking into their Hot cross bun breakfast, with a clear favourite of the chocolate variety. In total 26 student bicyclists rode into school, with 36% of riders coming from Alphington.

Although it may seem tacky, and seeded in myth, there’s clear, scientific benefits to your mental and physical health when exercising that can help elevate your studies and sporting prowess, so anytime your able to come ride to school, you won’t regret it.

Furthermore, a special thanks to those students and teachers who volunteered their time to help out with tallying up our results, as well as all those who rode in on Friday and every other day to school!

Ride on Kew

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