Outdoor Education at Waratah Bay

By Dan Norton
Learning Specialist Achievement

A selection of reflections from the Semester 2 Outdoor Education camp at Waratah Bay.

What was your favourite moments of the camp and why?
My favourite moment from camp was when we went to the beach on the second day and we went out to the island. On the way back we swam from the island back to our spot on the beach and I really enjoyed it.

What were the most challenging aspect of the camp for you and why? 
Camp was full of pleasures and discomforts, excitement, and tiredness, but some aspects that challenged me has made me realise how fortunate I am and has possibly altered my character. The biggest (and most obvious) was not having my phone on me for three days. If before camp, I imagined that I would have gasped and thought to myself ‘how?’. But living without my phone and not constantly looking at notifications and checking the time and going on TikTok, has honestly affected me for the good. Before camp I always had my phone in my pocket, and I’ll admit used it during school occasionally. But now I keep my phone in my locker all day and instead of staring at my screen mindlessly on the bus I socialise and communicate with my friends. So, yes having no phone on camp was a difficult adjustment. I felt like I was in the twilight zone not knowing the time and not having an idea of what my friends back in Melbourne were up to, however the effect of not having my phone has greatly impacted me for the better. I am grateful that Mr Norton confiscated our phones otherwise I wouldn’t have experiences camp the same way, so thank you Mr Norton.

What role did you undertake on camp? Were you successful in your roles, what did you learn about leadership, what did you find challenging?
I was an assistant leader on the first day. I helped the leader when it wasn’t clear where to go or what decision to make. I found it challenging to help out at times.

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