Japanese speech competition success!

Andrew Cerini

This year’s JLTAV Junior Japanese Speech Competition was by online video entry. We had record participation with students in the Year 7 & 8 pair and individual divisions and the Secondary Open division. Congratulations to 7E student, Tao Murasawa, who placed third in the state against other background speakers of Japanese. All students recited a set speech or dialogue, followed by their own original. Well done to all students for writing, rehearsing and performing (and recording) their speeches.


  • Tao Murasawa 7E, 3rd place prize winner in Secondary Open Division
  • Gabriel O’Shaughnessy 8A, Year 8 Pair Division. 
    Not in photo: Fergus Whiting 8B, participant, Year 8 Pair Division
  • Not in photo: Amy Zhao 8B, participant, Year 8 Individual Division
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