Invasion games

by Catherine Gayfer

Following on from the invasion games unit last term, in term 3 all year 9 PE students have had the opportunity to plan and deliver a 30min invasion game for their peers, developing their organisation and leadership skills and implementing strategies and tactics learnt last term. Below is the reflection from Matilda Johnson of 9H after she ran a warm-up game and then a game of Capture the Flag for her classmates with her partner, Sarah.

Using two words, describe how you felt about being a student leader?
Before delivery – Prepared
After running your activity – Fulfilled

The things that went well in the session were … Students were engaged and intrigued in our lesson and had fun during our warm-up game of fruit salad.

The reason that these things went well were …. We were very organised, not only with the set up and structure of our games but also with strategies and ways to encourage our peers to join in and make themselves a part of the game. This was one of our priorities.

The things that I found challenging in this session were … At times it was hard to remember to clarify every rule and variation of the game, so I missed a few minor details. I knew how to play the game but that doesn’t mean everyone else did to.

What changes would you make if you were to run this activity again? If we were to re-run our game, we would set up our first game with more consideration of space as it is a racing/running type game. More room at either end of the court during our warm-up game for deceleration would have made it safer for our participants.

I think I achieved Well Above the Standard in this CAT because of the preparation, determination and engagement my partner and I put into not only our own game but in other students when their games were being presented. We took it upon ourselves to create time to meet with teachers and other students to make sure our game ran smoothly. While other games were being presented, we got fully involved and encouraged other peers to do the same.

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