International Students On Swimming Carnival Day

Junling Yang

The much-awaited 2021 KHS Swimming Carnival finally arrived on March 18. After a very long year in 2020 – and then a stay-in-Melbourne summer holiday without travelling home – all our international students were excited about this opportunity to enjoy the pool, fashion parade and being in the crowd! Yuhang of Year 12 and Haira of Year 10 proved to be the stars of the day! Yuhang was overjoyed with the Blue Ribbon he won for his house and Haira lost count of his ribbons he was awarded! Our swimmers were strongly supported by the cheerleaders of each house, and all the boys and girls in the crowd, and everyone who participated in the lunch time parade. Our international students enjoyed jumping into the water in costumes! The other international students, who chose to have a study day, all attended school and had a very productive day.


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