By Anne Wallace

VET Sport and Recreation – Bushwalking camp

During the VET Sport and Recreation Bushwalking camp out the back of Anglesea, students took charge of planning their meals and navigating between various campsites and activities, fostering teamwork through challenges and teambuilding initiatives. They enjoyed adventures such as canoeing and bike rides, while honing their navigation skills in the wilderness. Evenings were highlighted by campfires led by the students themselves, creating a memorable and enriching outdoor experience.

Year 10 Physical Education – Ice Skating Excursion to O’Brien Icehouse

In the Year 10 Physical Education course, students embarked on an excursion to Docklands for Ice Skating at O’Brien Icehouse, navigating the journey via public transport. This excursion fostered new friendships and resilience as students supported each other in learning to recover from falls and persist through the cold! Additional memorable excursions throughout the semester included visits to Bounce, Tenpin bowling, croquet and mini golf, each offering unique opportunities for physical activity and skill development. These outings encouraged students to reflect on various dimensions of health and wellbeing, promoting responsibility and community engagement beyond the classroom.

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