Gardening report

Phillip Naughton

During the first half of summer the gardens benefitted from good rain. The temperatures were mild, allowing the plants to further establish and the soils to develop. Work in the gardens this past term has been concentrated on general maintenance and watering. There has been little rain from late January until now.

In mid January a branch fell off the Ash tree in the Quadrangle. This caused damage to the tree and it had to be removed. Luckily no property damage was incurred. The area was cleared, the shrubs pruned and the garden mulched. The plants will now benefit from more light.

Last week Ms Dunstan with the help of two alumni Joe and Phil from the class of 1977 and Eco Crew members Ellie, Claire, Baxter and Max helped to construct a fence around the new garden under the large gum tree between the soccer fields. Hopefully this will protect the plants from being trampled.

Next term we look forward to the return of the Landscape Lads Team VI with Sam Gleeson and Tim Gason. Many of the garden beds require rejuvenation and further planting. Mulching will continue to be the main focus for weed suppression. Further fencing is to be constructed below the senior soccer field.

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