Garden program

By Phillip Naughton, School Gardener

The main work has been to attend weeding, pruning and trimming shrubs and completing the mulching of the Burke Road native garden. The Jacaranda Perennial Garden continues to mature with lots of flowers progressing through the Spring into Summer. A nursery of plants is now located at the back of the library; many of these will be used in the gardens next year.

The main project this term has been the construction of a new garden bed in the car park. This will be quite a challenge as the ground is very compacted. The garden is being constructed with recycled materials, compost made at KHS, and donated mulch and plants. This minimal cost project is being installed with the help of the new team, Landscape Lads Mark IV, Henry, Toby, Jerry and Flynn. The garden has been fertilised, composted and mulched.

Next year we will plant the Car Park Garden, continue to restore the War Memorial Garden next to the Jacaranda Garden and the theatre garden will be rejuvenated.

We have been supported by Ms Elise Dunstan who has put a lot of planning and work into fostering  interest in the school environment from students, staff and volunteers. A highlight was the visit by horticulturist Michael Casey, with a presentation to the year 12 Geography class followed by a lunchtime session for the school community.

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