Chaplaincy Term 4 2020

Rosemary Carter
School Chaplain

Term 4 has been an exciting time back on campus at Kew High School. There have been many exciting events and programs involving chaplaincy.

Remembrance Day Service – Our Year 7 and  8 leaders did an amazing job leading the junior students in Remembrance Day service. Using the wonders of technology our media crew ran a live feed of the service, from the outside library stage directly into the class rooms of 400 students. All 16 leaders took part in the service which included the of Remembrance, the Last Post and the presentation of 100 poppies with the names of relatives and friends connected with the staff and students of the school.

Peer Support – Congratulations to the 37 Year 9 students who have been selected for the Peer Support program in 2020. The leaders recorded their first session of welcome games and activities for the Grade 6 students which took place via video screen on Orientation Day. The Peer Support leaders take part in a number of leadership training events before they run their first face-to-face Peer Support Session on the first day of Year 7 2021.

Chaplaincy Second Hand Book and Uniform Shop – A big thank you to the volunteers who have worked through the busy season of books and uniform sales. For most of Terms 2 and 3 we were concerned that the sale would not happen due to Covid safety requirements. However, last minute changes meant our fantastic volunteers were allowed back on site to run the sale. The modules have been overflowing with uniforms and the volunteers have been busy packing book orders and processing sale items. This is a great service to the school and also financially supports the chaplaincy. A huge thank you to Catriona Christie, the uniform coordinator, and Tracie Christopoulos, the book coordinator.

Chaplaincy Fundraising – Did you know that the Kew High School Chaplaincy does not receive Federal government funding?  Each year the Chaplaincy Committee and the School raise all the funds to pay for the Chaplaincy program. Thanks to the commitment of a wonderful group of volunteers each year, the Chaplaincy Committee raises over $41,000. But it’s not easy. You can help by volunteering to assist in the second-hand uniform and book shop where the commissions collected supports chaplaincy.

You can also get involved in the Chaplaincy committee or simply support the fundraising events held each term.

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