Bus Stop Garden

Phillip Naughton Gardener The Kew High School Gardens benefited from a mild summer and some good falls of rain. During the long break, access was  restricted because of building work: however the gardens held up well. During term 1, the gardens have been maintained and kept tidy. Time spent on weeding has decreased because of the constant application of mulch over the previous years. The Landscape lads have installed fences around the garden beds at the Burke Road bus stop. Two of these beds have been  planted with perennial shrubs. The school now has an alumni coordinator, Elise Dunstan, who will be creating support teams to work on garden projects. The Environment captains and teacher, Kirsten Lomax, will become involved in the garden program. Next term, we have projects to complete: there will be many more shrubs to plant out; the vegetable garden needs changing to winter season crops; and the herb garden is set to have a makeover.
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