Gardening report

By Phillip NaughtonGardener Kew High School The gardens have benefitted from good rain through spring. This has enabled new plantings to establish and soils to improve with the mulching that is taking place. Maintenance has continued with weeding and fertilising as well. The fences have been removed from the Burke Road bus stop raised beds […]

Exploring the World of Martial Arts: Students Embark on a 6-Week Journey

Over the past six weeks, our school has witnessed a remarkable journey as students delved into the world of martial arts and self-defence. This immersive program aimed not only to introduce various aspects of martial arts but also to instil discipline, focus, and self-confidence in participating students. The program encompassed a diverse range of martial […]

Embracing Rhythms: The Vibrant Tapestry of African Drumming in School

In a harmonious blend of culture, celebration, and education, an African drumming program has woven its rhythmic threads into the fabric of school life, creating a lively and enriching experience for students across various year levels, including Year 10, 9, 8, and the English Language Centre (ELC). This vibrant initiative not only serves as a […]

Q-Up Plant sale

By Roman Scott, Year 7 At the Q Up Twilight Picnic some of the Eco Crew team set up a small plant stall, selling herbs to daisies to cacti to palms. This event was a great opportunity to open the herb garden space and show parents and students plants we grow. Students raised one hundred […]

Year 11 P.E.

During our year 11 PE course we covered the topic of human anatomy and specifically muscle contractions and movements. For this we were able to attend a Pilates class at Strong Pilates in Heidelberg, both Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed this learn by doing activity as it got us sweating and feeling the burn in […]

Victorian Junior Volleyball Open

The Year 8 girls, Year 8 boys and Year 9/10 boys teams all finished with silver medals. Overall, it was a week filled with lots of volleyball and plenty of fun.  

VCE VET Sport and Recreation Surf Bronze camp

The year 10 VET Sport and recreation class completed their surf bronze medallion certificates at Inverloch Surf Life Saving club in November. By completing this qualification students were able to meet a variety of VET unit competencies as well as enabling them to work as volunteer lifeguards on our beaches over the summer. The first […]

Outdoor Education at Waratah Bay

A selection of reflections from the Semester 2 Outdoor Education camp at Waratah Bay. What was your favourite moments of the camp and why?My favourite moment from camp was when we went to the beach on the second day and we went out to the island. On the way back we swam from the island […]

Student reflections – Year 10 P.E.

We feel very happy after going on PE excursions to Bounce, Croquet, Mini golf and Ice-skating. These excursions have enhanced the relationship between us (as international students) and our peers. We have spent our time with some other students that significantly improved our social and mental health, by making us feel more confident and less […]

Year 11 Media

Year 11 student, Adele Nguyen decided to submit her short film A GLIMPSE OF RAIN to the International Youth Silent Film Festival. Incredibly, it was selected as one of 17 finalists in the state of Victoria. The screening and winners were announced at the Astor Cinema on Wednesday 22nd November. Parents, friends, filmmakers, teachers and judges […]