A message from School Captains 2022

Hello everyone,

We are Kew High School Captains for 2022. My name is Claire Williams. I am passionate about making Kew High a welcoming place for all, as well as taking any opportunities within the school including sport, leadership and academic studies.

My name is Jude Harris and I love playing music, riding my bicycle and taking my dog for a walk. I have been heavily involved in the music program since year 7 and I feel that Claire and I have the capacity to empower students to find their own passions at Kew High School like we have.

We feel privileged to take on this role and have such a significant opportunity to represent our students and greater school community. We have many goals we look forward to achieving next year. Our goals range from both academic and social backgrounds. We want to reengage all cohorts to make them feel excited about learning as well as enjoying the welcoming and inclusive culture of Kew High School.

We are looking forward to next year. It’s going to be a good one! Have a lovely, relaxed and safe holidays.

Jude Harris and Claire Williams

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