A Closing Note from Musicland

By Judy Bartosy

Term 4 saw Musicland gearing up for one of our biggest productions of the year: Presentation Night.

Due to lockdown, our junior students and their families had not been to Presentation Night at the Melbourne Town Hall and so the night was met with great anticipation. It was indeed a celebration of the school and a joyous occasion. The orchestra was in fine form and played a mix of Classical and modern pieces, including an arrangement from the soundtrack of the popular movie: How To Train Your Dragon. The Year 12 Music class, Senior Jazz Band and Stage Band also gave very entertaining performances and the choir lead the singing of the anthem.

Q UP, our annual end of year concert, featured a number of smaller ensembles as well as large groups.

We watched the final round of Kew’s Got Talent and celebrated the many talents on show this year, especially the year 12 bands who put a lot of energy and effort into their performances during the year participating in all four of these events.

We welcomed the new year 7 students into Musicland on their orientation day. Part of this day was a music demonstration and performance which included students giving demonstrations on their instruments and speaking about the music programme.

After an unsettled previous year it was really nice to settle back into the swing of performing and watching the enthusiasm of the students and audiences as we unleashed our usual mix of presentations and concerts.

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