3 in 6 2024 Blockbuster

By Danny Gesundheit

The annual 3in6 film competition was held on Monday 29th April. The competition has been running since 2013 when it was as an external event. The school began to run it as an annual internal competition from 2014. This year, over 50 students from all year levels participated, with 13 films submitted at the end of the day. An incredible achievement. Students had the entire 6 hour school day to make a three-minute film with the two required clues. The clues this year were: DOPPELGANGER and friendship bracelet. Like previous years, the school verged on being a Hollywood studio lot, with many small production crews running around filming and then editing their films. Students worked independently of staff. They just had to make sure they submitted their films by the end of the day. The awards and screenings of the winning films were held at lunchtime on 5th June. Room s104 was packed with students wanting to know who won. Awards were handed out and films were screened. Despite the specific awards, the real WINNERS were all the students who participated and made great films! Here’s to YOU!

The Awards:

  • Best special effects – year 9 UNTITLED – Benny Gorman, Charlotte Graham, Olivia Benne, Claire Jenkin, Declan Barrett
  • Best ensemble acting – year 9 UNTITLED – Griffin Murray-Johnston, Raph O’Shaughnessy, Gabi Aoun-Rodriguez, Oliver Tange and Patrick Sweeney
  • Best screenplay – year 11 UNTITLED– Oz McIntyre, Matilda Tyrell-Whyte, Fergus Whiting and Elizaveta Blagova
  • Best direction – year 12 UNTITLED– Max Harris, Jude Hampton, Sebastian Trapp, Shae Daly and Ferdi Faethe
  • Encouragement award – year 7 boys – THE MYSTERY MAN – Seth Bolwell, Percy Radmondetta, Lachlan Pranoto and Oscar Spinks
  • Year 8 girls – ONE LIFE CHANGING TUESDAY – Charli Lo and Quinn-Tessa Wintle
  • W. Griffith Award (Best EPIC film) – – year 8 AMERICA – Andre Conesa Anghel, Afo Baloyan , James Lane, Noah Hutchinson-Licht
  • Golden Q Palm D’or (best film) – year 10  BRACELET– Penelope Jeffery, Angela Zhao and Chisa Siew Adachi
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