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Principal’s message

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by Josie Millard

Term 2, 2023

As a school, we have been focussing on promoting the positive behaviours that reflect the values of the school. In classrooms across the school, we have been explicitly teaching and rewarding the behaviours that reflect the expectations outlined in our behaviour matrix. This term, we have particularly focussed on the school value – Social Equity. Classrooms that value Social Equity ensure that everyone is able to learn. They promote cultures where students help each other, they respect the diverse range of learners and people in the classroom, and they celebrate the contributions of others.

It has been a busy term. We have had a huge number of significant co-curricular activities including the House Athletics Carnival, State Futsal championships and many other sporting events; the Year 10, 11 and 12 Theatre Studies performances (highlighted by the Year 12 production of ‘Treasure Island’), debating, chess, the mid-year music concert, and many more. Many hundreds of students have represented the school proudly in their chosen area this term.

These many co-curricular activities have not deterred from an equally inspiring curricular program this term. All students participated in a range of activities for Careers Week. We held expos, hosted guest speakers, had small group focus areas, and a huge range of alumni visit the school.

In Week 7 and 8, Year 10 and 11 students practised reviewing and recalling knowledge and skills that were acquired over the whole semester. The exam block was extremely successful in simulating the experience of sitting for senior secondary exams. Feedback from both staff and students was extremely positive in the manner in which they were prepared. Students presented magnificently, clearly having taken responsibility for their learning outcomes.

Year 10 students commenced the process of experiencing the world of work this week. Students have been placed in a huge range of experience including the areas of healthcare, construction, law, education and many more including placements at the First People’s Assembly of Victoria and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Much effort has gone into placing our students and we are particularly grateful to the Kew High School alumni community who have been extremely generous in taking our students.

Unit 3 and 4 students recently completed the GAT – the General Achievement Test – which is the first formal external test conducted by VCAA.  The test now runs over two blocks in one day; Section A for  120 minutes and Section B for 90 minutes. Again, our students were well prepared and conducted themselves magnificently on the day. A highlight for them was receiving their Year 12 commemorative jumpers between the two sections.

2023 Global Learning Awards

Congratulations to Jingmei Xing who was awarded the Year 12 Community Engagement Award at the prestigious Victorian Global Awards. Read more.

English Language Centre
Next term we welcome the commencement of the English Language Centre at Kew High School. We will be welcoming 22 international students to the school, 15 of whom will commence in the ELC. There are many benefits to a school community in the delivery of an International Student Program but perhaps the most impactful of these is the influence on the learning and awareness our local students have of our role in a global community.  We are so privileged to learn and work at Kew High School, and the fact that others seek our education from across the world demonstrates so clearly how fortunate we are.

Staffing Update
Kew High School continues to operate with a full staff of teachers. We recognise how fortunate we are to be in this position as many of our colleagues in other schools are taking significant actions to cover shortages. We are mindful of the impact on student learning, especially after the impacts of remote learning, that these shortages are having across the state. 

3in6 Film competition

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by Danny Gesundheit

The 3in6 Film Competition makes a grand return after a three-year lull!

On Monday May 22nd, the popular 3in6 film competition made a grand return to Kew High school after a three-year lull. Over 60 students from all year levels participated in the day. The two clues (I.D. card and the phrase ‘A.S.A.P.’ (as soon as possible)) were revealed in the morning – via a film made by the teachers. Students in their groups had to script, shoot and edit their films by the end of the day. They had to ensure that the two clues were embedded in their films. By 4.30pm, 14 films were submitted for judging! The students behaved impeccably. They were focussed and worked liked professional film crews. Well-done all for an outstanding effort! The winning films will be revealed in a screening on Tuesday 11th July in the library. Prizes and awards will be given to the winners and the runners-up. Hope to see everyone in the library on the red/grey-blue carpet!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Barker House fundraising

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Year 10 Engineering Quantum Victoria

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Two Year 10 Engineering classes attended one day event at La Trobe university to work with experts to learn Arduino. Students worked towards creating a dexterity game with the use of LEDs, LDRs, potentiometers and an Arduino Uno. Students were engaged in hands-on STEM education to develop 21st Century skills. They exercised problem-solving skills, whilst programming and assembling hardware to solve problems related to real-world ideas. A visual programming language; Snap4Arduino was used throughout the day.

Girls in Physics breakfast

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by Kriti Dubey, Year 11

Kew High School’s female students were given the opportunity to join young working women and university students in the field of physics for a breakfast in Melbourne city. Professor Rachel Webster provided information about black holes, while activities were partaken regarding possible career choices and pathways in physics. It was a great occasion to socialize and clarify questions with experts in the field of physics, including engineering and astrophysics. The experience also intended to empower and excite students towards undertaking physics as a subject.

Year 10 Engineering

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Year 10 Engineering students built the cheapest bridge using only spaghetti and Blu Tack, with the aim of  sustaining 1000g weight for at least 30sec. The bridge had a span of a minimum of 40cm and was at least 10cm at the highest point.

Year 7 & 8 Victorian High Abilities program

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This term, a group of 24 year 7 students took part in the Victorian Government’s Student Excellence Program, also known as the Victorian High Abilities Program (VHAP). The program focuses on developing and extending students skills and abilities in English and Mathematics. The students in the English group engaged with like-minded peers from other Victorian Schools, discussing the theme ‘Hope in Dystopian Times’ after reading “Hive” by AJ Betts. The Mathematics group investigated number sequences, finite and infinite concepts during their virtual session. Well done to all students who took part in this program. We hope you can apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the program in future classes.  

Top Arts

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by Katherine Smith

The year 11 and year 12 class Art Making and Exhibiting class attended the TOP ARTS exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria at Federation Square.

The students can gain insight into the passions and concerns of young artists from schools across Victoria in the annual Top Arts exhibition. Top Arts 2023 showcases extraordinary works of art and folios that achieved outstanding results in VCE Art or VCE Studio Arts 2022.

Our students have an opportunity to be inspired by the artists’ creative processes, imaginative ideas and skilful use of materials across a range of media, in an exhibition which highlights the NGV’s strong commitment to contemporary art and arts education.

All students listened to an outline of the exhibition and how it is constructed. They then viewed the works and were also able to view the folios of the participating students, which is a really valuable learning experience.

Year 9 Outdoor Education – Waratah Bay camp

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The Year 9 Outdoor Education classes once again headed out to picturesque Waratah Bay for a digital detox. Students were required to lead all aspects of the camp, undertaking a variety of leadership roles throughout the duration of the camp. They also participated in a range of activities including bushwalking, navigation, initiative activities, surfing and survivor themed games! The students managed to schedule in some relaxation time on the beach at Walkerville, as well as exploring the historic lime kilns, rock pools and caves found within the area. Upon return to school the student shared their experiences, quickly added these to their Snap Chat stories!


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by Judy Bartosy, Director of Music

Musicland has been busy this term with many performances at assemblies and other events. The Senior Jazz Band performed at our annual Chaplaincy dinner, playing many favourite jazz standards including Summertime, Mr. PC and Cantaloupe Island. A capacity audience watched Kew’s Got Talent in the theatre. A variety of performances from a variety of year levels put together acts that were very entertaining and well-rehearsed. Bands also played for Shave for a Cure, which has become an annual fundraising event at school. Our Music Camp in May was very productive, as students and their teachers immersed themselves in all day workshops and performance preparation. It was a most enjoyable and productive week! The Mid-Year Winter concert, in the theatre, featured all of our ensembles and was a very impressive showcase of students’ talents and the work that they have done for the semester in their music lessons and group rehearsals. Thanks again to the Q Network for putting on the refreshments and to the art staff for the magnificent display of student work in the foyer. Next term, we will be presenting our Jazz and Swing Night among other performances. Check the Newsfeed for details.

Year 11 Physical Education

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by Catherine Gayfer

Year 11 Physical Education students have recently been studying the Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems.

Using common household items, students enjoyed building a working model of the lungs to illustrate the mechanics of breathing. As the balloon is pulled downwards, this action models the diaphragm contracting which increases the volume of the thoracic cavity (the bottle), which decreases the ‘intrapleural pressure’ (inside the bottle), thus drawing air into the lungs, as air moves from high to low pressure, which inflates the smaller balloons inside the bottle.

VCE VET Sport and Recreation Units 1&2

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The VET Sport and Recreation students headed to Anglesea early in term 2 and completed a range of activities relating to the units of competence they had been studying. Students were dropped in two groups in the middle of the Iron Bark Basin and were then required to follow a route plan they had developed prior to the camp. One group took a bit longer to navigate their way to the lunch check point – and not because they had the one student in the-all abilities wheel chair! Students then raced to the Emueralla Scout camp site. Later that evening, the students heard from a local Indigenous leader who taught the students about some cultural practises and history of Cape Otway.

On the second day students navigated around mountain bike circuit, completed initiatives activities,  as well as participating in a stand up paddle board session around the Anglesea river area. The evening activities involved campfire stories, a tribal council and some survivor themed games!

On the final day students navigated their way through the Iron Bark Basin to the meeting point at Bells Beach, where they boarded the bus and headed back to the hustle and bustle of Kew.

Community Engagement Awards – Jingmei Xing

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Congratulations to Jingmei Xing who was awarded the Year 12 Community Engagement Award at the prestigious Victorian Global Awards.

Jingmei joined us in Year 12 in 2022 as an International Student. She embraced and engaged her new school and community with rare spirit and enthusiasm. Using her talent as a dancer, artist and cultural mentor to deepen the understanding of different cultures, she has created strong and lasting bonds between local and international students. Jingmei has inspired international students to step out of their comfort zone and enrich their lives while studying abroad by joining the Melbourne dance crew PDHT, and ‘Share Same Journey’, a non-profit organization for international students. She also volunteered at festivals such as Melbourne Marathon, Melbourne International Film Festival, Fringe and International Coffee Expo. Jingmei’s hard work has earned her a place at the University of Amsterdam studying a Bachelor of Media and Culture.

We are extremely proud of Jingmei and of the exceptional International Student Program which supports such amazing achievement.

Josie Millard (Principal) was proud to accept the award on behalf of Jingmei.

Victorian Institute of Sport – VCE Unit 1

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by Catherine Gayfer

On 23rd of May VCE Unit 1 PE students visited the Victorian Institute of Sport at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park to hear a talk from several VIS personnel, who drew on their extensive experience about AOS 1 and 2 topics: of actual and perceived benefits and potential harms of legal and illegal substances, and methods that enhance performance of the musculoskeletal system such as nutritional supplements and hormones and blood doping.

Sue White – Chief Medical Officer and Director of Performance Health Services at the Victorian Institute of Sport, as well as chair of the World Anti-Doping TUE Expert Advisory Group – instructed the students on the physiological effects of legal and illegal strategies that enhance the performance of the cardiovascular system, and discussed the ethical and sociocultural considerations of legal and illegal practices associated with enhancing the performance of the musculoskeletal system in sport.

After downloading the Sport Integrity Australia App, one classmate was surprised to discover that he would have tested positive to a drug test and been banned from competing at the elite level because of the pre-workout supplement he was taking. We discovered it contains a banned substance, and he would have disqualified from competition by WADA.

A VIS dietitian then spoke to the group about fuels (chemical and food) required for resynthesis of ATP at rest and during physical activity, and nutritional and rehydration strategies to enhance recovery including water, carbohydrate and protein replenishment.

Finally, after a tour of the VIS training facilities, we heard real athlete stories, and learnt a variety of practical activities to engage students. Josh Katz, pictured with the group, spoke about his personal journey to the Commonwealth and Olympic games (representing Australia in Judo) as well as his training, work ethic and motivation to excel in his chosen sport. We wish Josh all the best as he strives to qualify for Judo team representing Australia at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Gardening report

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by Philip Naughton and Elise Dunstan

Term 2 began with a refreshed garden area north of the VCE Centre thanks to the generous support of Compass Education. Karen and Paul de la Motte along with ten employees of Compass joined KHS students and staff on Easter Tuesday to rejuvenate the garden area (weeding, pruning and planting perennials, herbs and natives) and varnishing two new bench seats for under the shade sail. This project arose from students identifying it as an area that could be improved and used as an outdoor place of study and area to have lunch. Mulch was then spread across various areas including this rejuvenated northern pocket of the school throughout the term, and special thanks goes to Yr.7 and 8 students including Daniel, Christos, Raf, Lucas, Arley, Cherry, Mei, Danielle, Stella, Roman for helping with this task.

Lots of pruning and mulching works took place in other areas of the school during term 2 – outside the library kitchen, Musicland garden, along the east wall of the main building. This side of the school is now more visible from Burke Road. The garden bed outside the staff room has been cleaned up ready for replanting in term 3. 

As part of the sustainability program and to encourage more students to spend time caring for their school gardens, students in different year levels have planted six worm towers in various locations to help build up and nourish the soil. These worm towers have been filled with organic matter most notably from Food Tech pracs. We are so pleased this system diverts organic matter going to landfill, and thanks goes to Yr.9 student Eva for being responsible for this new ‘waste’ system. Special shout to Yr.12 STEM Leader for making signs to identify the in-ground composting ‘worm towers’ using the school’s 3D printer and laser cutter.

Finally, the Landscape Lads Mark IV, Henry, Toby, Jerry, Cato, Christian and Flynn did an excellent job planting out and mulching the car park garden which has given the whole area a much needed facelift!

A recommended reference to watch is Glen Rabenberg: Improving Soil health. This explains how biology and chemistry meet in the soil.

We are looking forward to continuing to rejuvenate the school’s gardens in term 3 and having more students take part and initiate projects.

Term 2 Sport report

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Term 2 was a massive term for Sport at Kew with 29 different sporting events taking place, ranging from our school Athletics Carnival to Region and State competitions. Here is an overview of some of the success we’ve experienced as a school this term.

Athletics Carnival

We kickstarted day 1 of term 2 with our Athletics Carnival out at Doncaster Athletics Track. The sun was shining which made for a glorious day filled with high levels of competition and fun to be had. Barker was the winning House for the day followed by Cotham, Wilsmere and Boroondara respectively. We’ve had over 100 students qualify to participate in Division Athletics at the start of term 3.

Cross Country

Qualifying students participated in Division and Region cross country during term 2. We experienced a high level of success at the Division level with almost half of the participating students qualifying for region. Our years 7 and 9 female students were the winning teams at division cross country, with our year 9 female team (Holly P, Ruby F and Casey C) taking out the title as 15 Female champions as a team at Region. Six students across years 7 to 11 will be representing Kew at State Cross Country at the start of July.

Interschool Sport

With high levels of participation across term 2 interschool sport, Kew was well represented in a range of sports and with a number of teams going through to the next round. Winning teams that progressed through to Region include our Intermediate and Junior Girls teams for AFL and our Intermediate Girls Netball team. We also had a number of teams finish as runners up on their interschool sport day including our teams for Year 7 Girls Softball, Year 7 Boys Baseball, Year 7 Boys Badminton, Years 7 and 8 Girls Netball teams and Intermediate Boys Soccer. Well done to all students that participated in Sport during term 2.

Futsal and Soccer

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Term 2 began in earnest as thirteen Kew High School teams descended upon Monash University and Victoria University in May for the Futsal State Titles. While our results on the pitch were exceptional, we were just as impressed with the way our students conducted themselves off the court. The continual encouragement, support and advice from the sidelines lifted many of our teams and demonstrated the immense pride our students have for the school. The collective buy-in from students has now become the trademark of Kew High School and we couldn’t be prouder of this. 

Congratulations to the following teams who were successful in their competitions: Under 14 Boys, Under 16 Boys and Under 16 Girls. We also had three teams finish runners up and congratulate them on their achievements including: Under 14 Girls, Under 15 Boys, Under 16 Girls. We’d also like to thank our student coaches: Ollie, Sam, Kouki, Jess, Isabella, Seb and Leo with each of their teams qualifying for their respective grand finals. 

In outdoor soccer, we had ten teams represent Kew High School in our inter-school division competition. Our Year 9 boys took out the title, going through the day undefeated. Ultimately, we were impressed with how all our teams performed with plenty of goals and an attacking brand of soccer on display. Once again, we were blessed with excellent student coaches including Matthew, Vasili, Luci, Ben, Reuben and Kosta and we thank them for their contributions on the day.

The soccer doesn’t stop in Term 3 either, with the Kew Premier League returning as students from Year 9-12 will take to the Govic-Jowett Arena for a chance at the ultimate prize in Kew High domestic soccer. 

Golden rectangle

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by Ginger Gyomber, Year 9

In Year 9 Maths, we have studied congruent and similar shapes. In this unit, we learnt about the golden rectangle. The term ‘golden rectangle’ refers to a rectangle that can be cut in two, to create a square and a rectangle that is similar to the original. The spiral of the golden rectangle is infinite. We looked at how the golden rectangle has influenced architecture and art over the years. We also learnt about the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci spiral is like the golden rectangle, however it is solely made of squares and is finite. After researching these shapes, we were handed a piece of grid paper to make our own Fibonacci spiral. After measuring and drawing out the spiral, we were told to draw on it, creating an artwork inspired by the spiral.

Jasmine Ellis, Year 9

In Year 9 Maths class, we learnt about similar shapes and how they relate to the Golden rectangle and Fibonacci spirals. We looked at different Golden rectangles in famous architecture. Golden rectangle refers to a rectangle that can be cut into a square and another rectangle that is similar to the original. The Fibonacci spiral also known as the golden spiral is a sequence where the side length of the next square is equal to the sum of the previous two ones. By joining the corner with a curve, we were able to create a spiral. I measured out a rectangle and began to create a spiral. I then incorporated a whale into the drawing whose tail creates a Fibonacci spiral.

Year 10 Physical Education

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In Term 2, the Year 10 Physical Education ‘Community Recreation’ unit explored local leisure/recreation options and proposed excursion options in the community. This was designed to provide students with a fun social engagement with their peers and to be active at the same time, rather than interacting predominantly in a sedentary manner via social media. Students had to research travel options and present their proposed activity, then debate and persuade the class why they should vote for that activity, whilst keeping to a budget. In class we also investigated the benefits to all areas of students’ health and wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual) through continuing to engage in life long physical activity.

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