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QNetwork: The Kew High School Community - Working together
Monthly QNetwork Meetings

6:30pm to 8:00pm in the VCE Centre



KHS Students help at the recent Chaplaincy Dinner, supported by QNetworkQNetwork is the parents and friends association of Kew High School and embraces everyone that is part of the school; parents, carers, staff and students.


We help to organise social events, assist students with fundraising and welcome new parents to the school.

Involvement in QNetwork can be in a myriad of ways from as little or as much as suits you. For the keen volunteer you can attend meetings, become a committee member and contribute to the running of the Network as a whole, and for those with a desire for less commitment we send out regular emails for helpers for one off activities.


The QNetwork is a great way to meet other parent/carers, work collaboratively with staff and students on a range of projects and become a part of the Kew High School community. We welcome your input in any form and look forward to hearing from you.


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Signup QR CodeThe QNetwork mailing list will keep you informed of meetings, events and other goings on. Signing up to this mailing list means that from time to time you will receive our requests for help, however you are in no way obligated to help if you do not wish to do so.




Chairperson: Andi Morton

Secretary:Clare Day

Treasurer:Paula Davey

Communications: Elizabeth Tatham

Event Coordinators: Catriona Christie




What the QNetwork Means to the School

An effective school is one that is proactive about linking with home and having a partnership with families and the community.


Kew High School views the partnership with parents as critical, acknowledging that if parents are part of the partnership, then children’s outcomes are better. We value the importance of a positive relationship between school and home and the contribution/s of parents in the educational life of their children is highly valued.

The importance of parent participation is documented and highlighted in numerous research and educational publications. Parents are an integral and critical part of education. Their participation is vital if we are to provide our children/students with the best possible outcomes.


Research shows that the benefits to children of family-school partnerships include higher achievement, improved school attendance, students more positive about the classroom and school, stronger social and friendship skills, students are better at managing their own behaviour and more accepting of school rules.

There are also many benefits in terms of: parents and families, benefits for teachers and benefits for whole school communities.


QNetwork forms an integral part of the School Community. It requires a number of supporters to ensure that projects, fundraising ventures and support for the school are undertaken and successfully concluded.

We encourage you to become an active member of our community.


Val Steane
Registrar/Community Liaison/Transition Coordinator

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