Since 2012 Kew High School has led state education in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with the introduction of our QTablet program. The QTablet program is a 1:1 device program where every student has access to a Tablet PC.
Tablet PCs have emerged as one of the most promising technologies in education and while they work like traditional computers they add the simplicity of pen and paper. With a touch interface that supports Windows 10 and a pen that can write on the screen and then convert to text, the Tablet PC provides new possibilities over a netbook or PC laptop. In order to support our educational requirements, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga has been chosen as our preferred device.
Our QTablet program supports 21st century learning and promotes an environment which increases student engagement, collaboration and organisation. New and existing students are encouraged to participate in the QTablet program in order to get the best out of a range of new and exciting lessons, whilst becoming increasingly savvy in the world of ICT. The move towards the QTablet program at all year levels has been overwhelmingly positive, not only improving the freedom for creativity but also the quality of student work.



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