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At Kew High School, the wellbeing of the individual and the learning community are at the centre of everything we do. We believe that the success of our students as learners is built upon a foundation of connectedness to school, community and the wider world. When we feel a sense of connectedness and belonging, we are able to project a positive vision of the world and our place in it.


It is for this reason that Kew High School has as a core priority the creation and sustaining of positive relationships between all members of our learning community. We use the Restorative Practices framework to guide our interactions with and between students, and are a participating member of the School Wide Positive Behaviour program, which seeks to reinforce whole school Wellbeing through establishing a normative environment of support and care for self and each other.


Once a week on a Monday, the school runs a CONNECT program, which eponymously, is all about creating and strengthening the connections between students and their peers, teachers, the whole school and the broader community. The CONNECT program runs in year levels, which allows it to address the different areas of concern for students depending on their age and what is happening in their cohorts, meeting students at their point of need.


As a result of these guiding frameworks and principles, we are a calm school, where teachers and students are able to focus on learning because of the positive relationships that underpin it.


Whilst the focus of our everyday Wellbeing practices are on establishing resilience and proactive care for the wellbeing of ourselves and each other, we recognise that sometimes students and families need more targeted support, and it is for this reason that Kew High School provides an extensive student support system.  Some of these include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Person Centred counselling
  • Department of Education Cognitive and Behavioural testing
  • Mindfulness focused yoga
  • Police Liaison Services
  • CyberSafety counselling programs

Kew High School has a long tradition of supervising placements of Master of Psychology and Counselling students from tertiary institutions. This allows us to provide high quality psychological and counselling support for students free of cost, ensuring that the KHS value of social equity applies to all students sense of wellbeing, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, allowing all students to A.S.P.I.R.E. to their own personal excellence.


If you have any questions regarding the Kew High School Wellbeing Program, and how we recognise, encourage and support positive behaviour across the curriculum and throughout the school, please contact or .

International Students

Kew High School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to


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