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Prospective Employees are required to have registered on Recruitment Online. 

An Applicant Help Manual is available for those interested in searching and applying for school jobs, providing comprehensive information and assistance on how to use Recruitment Online available through the following link:   Click here

Current vacancies at Kew High School


Job Opening ID:        1164979

Job Posting Title:      Leader of Learning Senior School

Apply By :                  11.09.2019


ob Opening Id:           1165170

Job Posting Title:      Leader of Student Learning, Engagement and Wellbeing

Apply By:                   12.09.2019


Job Opening ID:        1164975

Job Posting Title:      Learning Specialist - Commerce

Apply By :                  11.09.2019


Job Opening Id:         1165175

Job Posting Title:      Integration Aide - 0.6

Apply By:                  12.09.2019


Job Opening ID:        1164764

Job Posting Title:     Laboratory Technician

Apply By:                  11.09.2019

Job Opening ID:        1166092

Job Posting Title:      Classroom Teacher - Mathematics

Apply By :                  19.09.2019

Job Opening ID:        1167969

Job Posting Title:      Classroom Teacher – French 0.8

Apply By :                  02.10.2019



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