Transition to Year 7

The transition from primary school to Kew High School is a process that is supported by a range of people, activities and community events.  It is the unique nature of Kew High School’s caring community that ensures that new students very quickly feel that they belong in the school.


The Transition Program includes the following:
  • Year 7 Student Ambassadors visit key primary schools in November and December each year to speak to Year 6 students about their transition to Kew High School
  • Parents of incoming students attend an orientation session at Kew High School where they are provided with key information regarding transition and daily life at Kew High School
  • Key staff from Kew High School staff visit primary schools to speak to Year 6 teachers about the learning and wellbeing needs of incoming students
  • All Year 6 students attend Orientation Day in early December to meet their Year 7 classes and teachers
  • Year 7 students commence thier first day of secondary school one day prior to the other year levels and have the entire school to themselves. They are supported by Year 7 Year Level Coordinators, the Junior School Coordinator, Year 7 teachers and the Year 10 Peer Support students
  • Throughout Term 1, Year 10 students lead the Peer Support program which involves getting to know the school and the students in it
  • During Term 1 the Year 7 Meet the Teacher Evening is held at the school and enables parents to meet their child’s teachers in an informal setting
  • Year 7 students attend a two day Learning To Learn Program in Term 1 designed to assist them in developing the learning and study habits that they will need in secondary school
  • The Year 7 Camp is held during Term 1 which is an important opportunity for students to get to know each other and to develop a wider circle of friends and connections
  • Year 7 students are in the same class groups for all subjects and participate in a comprehensive wellbeing program
Through the deliberate promotion of a sense of wellbeing in our learning community, Kew High School builds a sense of connection and a motivation for students to belong to their new school.

International Students

Kew High School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to


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