Starting Year 7

The beginning of secondary school is a critical time for students. Kew High School’s transition program enables students to maintain the strong sense of belonging that they felt in primary school. This is considered important if students are to continue to enjoy and succeed in academic tasks.


Students in grade 6 are supported on entry to the school through a comprehensive transition program.


A high level of direct interaction between primary school students and secondary students occurs on a regular basis prior to entry:

  • Subject specific links between primary and secondary students
  • Visits to Kew High school for events such as school productions
  • Information sessions provided by Year 7 students visiting their past primary school
  • LOTE (Languages other than English) familiarisation sessions conducted by secondary school staff and students, at the primary school/s.


Upon entry into Year 7, a variety of programs are provided to orientate students to the expectations and operation of the school. Programs also provide support for learning and the social and personal aspects of transition. The Peer Support program is one such program which assists year 7 students in settling into secondary school by developing their self esteem through a buddy system.  Students become part of a house group and connect group that they will belong to for the entire time at Kew High School.  Connect groups are house based and provide pastoral care and connection to fellow students and connect teacher. 



Transaction Activities 2018 - 2019


Mid-February – Late May 2018

Guided School Tours (one per week) for prospective parents and students for 2019. Dates and times are available on this website under the Our School tab. Tour groups have a limit of 25. Tour bookings can be made by ringing the General Office on 9859 8652.


April 26, 2018

Information Evening in the Renaissance Theatre where prospective parents and students for 2018 can hear about the school from the Principal, program leaders, Year Level and Wellbeing Co-ordinators, parents and students.


November 2018

Year 7 Student Ambassadors visit feeder primary schools to address Year 6 students about their experiences in transitioning from primary to secondary school.

Transition, Wellbeing and Year Level Co-ordinators visit feeder primary schools to speak to Grade 6 teachers regarding students transitioning to Kew High School in 2019

Parent Orientation Morning/Evening where parents of new Year 7 students for 2019 are given information about school processes and procedures, student learning and assessment, student support programs, communication between school and home and tips/advice to help their child in the transition from primary to secondary school. Two identical sessions are organised: one is a morning session and the other an evening session. Each session runs for approximately two and half hours. Parents can elect to attend the session which is most convenient.


December 2018

Student Orientation Day (Statewide) – our new Year 7 students for 2018 spend their first day at Kew High School for introductory activities, lessons and peer support fun. Parents of new Year 7 students are invited to an informal morning tea organised by the Q Network Parents Group to welcome them to the school community.


January/February 2019

Our new Year 7 students for 2019 have their first official day of school at Kew High School. There is a staggered start to the school year so that Year 7 students have the school all to themselves for their first day at high school. Students are allocated to Peer Support, Connect and House Groups thereby beginning to establish an identity and sense of the belonging to the school community.


February 2019

Meet The Teacher Evening – parents are invited to an informal evening where they are given the chance to meet and speak with their child’s teachers and connect with families of other students.


March 2019

Year 7 Camp – Year 7 students attend a 3 day adventure/challenge camp to give them further opportunities to connect to their teachers and other students, and to extend their circle of friends.

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