Year 7 Enrolment

Kew High School has a defined/designated neighbourhood area/zone.


All Year 7 enrolments take place through the Primary Schools, who are responsible for monitoring the placement of each student in a Secondary School.

  • No application for entry can be considered unless this form has been completed with Kew High School nominated as the FIRST CHOICE of school

  • By the end of July, Application Forms will have been processed and in accordance with DET guidelines, Primary Schools will be notified of the result and will advise parents and guardians of the outcome of the application mid-August.

  • Curriculum claims must be submitted to the school at the same time as the official Expression of Interest Form and must list Kew High School as FIRST CHOICE of Secondary School. Late curriculum claims will not be considered.


In accordance with DET guidelines, applications for Year 7 entry to Kew High School are processed in the following priority order:

  1. Students for whom Kew High School is the designated neighbourhood school (students living in the zone) to their place of residence. Visit and type in your home address. The website will then locate your designated neighbourhood school.

  2. Students who already have a brother or sister at the same permanent address currently enrolled in the school and who will continue to be enrolled at the school

  3. Students who seek enrolment on specific curriculum grounds

  4. Any remaining places will be allocated on the basis of proximity of residence to the school



Applications on Specific Curriculum Grounds:

  • Families seeking admission for students on curriculum grounds will need to submit this in writing together with the Enrolment form.

  • Curriculum grounds means that the application must demonstrate what specific program or approach at Kew High School is not available at a neighbouring school and why this is vital for the educational needs of the student.

  • Curriculum claims must be submitted to the school at the same time as the official enrolment form. Late curriculum claims will not be considered. Curriculum claims must accompany an enrolment form with Kew High School listed as FIRST CHOICE of secondary school.



International Students

Kew High School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to


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