Year 7 Enrolment

Year 7 enrolment application forms are provided in year 6 by Primary Schools and are lodged with your Primary School in Mid May. 


Kew High School is a zoned school where enrolment criteria apply. In accordance with DEECD guidelines, applications for Year 7 entry to Kew High School are processed in the following priority order:


1. Students for whom Kew High School is the designated neighbourhood school (students living in the zone) to their place of residence

2. Students who already have a brother or sister currently enrolled in the school and who will continue to be enrolled at the school.

3. Students who seek enrolment on specific curriculum grounds

4. Any remaining places will be allocated on the basis of proximity of residence to the school


Applicants from outside the school zone are advised to complete the Year 7 Expression of Interest form and return this to the school.


Please download the attached document for full details of the Year 7 enrolment process.


Expression of interest


Enrolment Process



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