Chaplains support school communities through pastoral care of students, teachers, families and the wider local community. 


Chaplains fulfill a unique role in school communities:


·   They are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care.

·   They are involved in the implementation of preventative and proactive wellbeing programs.

·   They work to facilitate the connection of students into the school network and wider community.



Kew High Chaplain


Rosemary Carter has been the Chaplain at Kew High School since July 2005. Rosemary has qualifications in teaching, social work and theology. You can contact Rosemary by phone or via the school email:


Chaplaincy has a long history at Kew High School commencing back in 1986. The role of the Chaplain is supported by the Chaplaincy Committee – Support Group. The committee is made up of school staff,  parents and representatives from local churches. The committee operates to support the Chaplain, raise funds and promote awareness of the program.  Together the committee and the school raise all the finances to fund the Chaplaincy at the school.


The second-hand Book and Uniform Shop is one of the wellbeing programs coordinated by Chaplaincy. Operated solely by volunteers the shop sells books and uniform on commission.  Families have the opportunity to recycle books and uniforms and purchase second-hand items at 25—75% of retail price. The shop is open one lunchtime per week during school terms.  The volunteers also run two evening openings per term and a pre-ordered sale, and open sale day during December each year.


Second Hand book and uniform shop


If you would like to know more about school chaplaincy you are welcome to attend a Friends of Chaplaincy Meeting.  Meetings run for approximately one hour and are held in the Wellbeing Centre room 204.  Please enter via the High Street Entrance.


Chaplaincy 2019 Meeting Dates


25th Feb 2019

25th March AGM

27th May

29th July

16th September

18th November


Friday 31st May Chaplaincy Dinner


Friends of Chaplaincy Members


Chairperson: Napier Thomson

Deputy Chairperson: Sam Gleeson

Secretary:  Susan DeLeon

Treasurer: David Benwell

Fundraising:  Deirdre Willis

Secondhand Shop Coordinator: Catriona Christie

School Representatives: Linda Wilson

Parent Representatives: Vacant

Parent Representative: Zahra Mustaf

Community Representative: Ruth Woolvern 

Church Representatives:              

School Chaplain:   Rosemary Carter














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