3 in 6 Short Film Competition


This year saw more than 115 students from all year levels participate in the annual 3in6 film competition. It was the largest number of participants in the competition’s history. Over thirty films were submitted by the end of the day. An incredible feat.


The competition asks students to make a 3 minute film in a school day. They have to include two clues in their film which were revealed at the beginning of the day. The clues this year were DOUBLE AGENT and BOOK. Like in previous years, the school was turned into a makeshift movie studio. Students found pockets and corners to shoot their scenes. By the end of the day, they were frantically editing so they could have their films finished.


This year’s judges included Sue DeLeon, Huu Tran, Frank Ferretti, Daryl Bennett, Stuart Crawford, Karen Lynch and Danny Gesundheit. A big thankyou to the judges and Ms Entwistle for continuing to support this competition. The winning films were announced at a lunchtime screening in the library on Friday 8th June. The winners and runner’s up were:



Senior school (11 and 12)

WINNER – OUT OF SIGHT – Kurtis Grimes & Hamish Peele

RUNNER UP – ANIME – Lucas Candido, Joel Ong & Lyn Hirai Grey


Middle school (9 and 10)

WINNER – UNDEAD – Fynlee Hardiman, Kristina GjorgievGeorgia Lindemans & Bishaaro Faarax

RUNNER UP – NOBODY – Gemma Luff , Sarah O’Dwyer & Dylan Lumsden

PROMISING FILM MAKER AWARD – ABDUCTION 3 – Jack Chenoweth, Elton Paraha & Marko Babusku

PROMISING FILM MAKER AWARD – MATHS IS COOL – Max Thomson, Billie Harris& Frankie Hartley

PROMISING FILM MAKER AWARD– GREY’S ANATOMY – Lily Massey, Lana Blackwell, Tori Lawson & Jamie Lester


Junior school (7 and 8)

WINNER – PASSED THE TEST – Darcy Honey, Tehya McHugh, Leona Hristovska, Arabella Lowe

RUNNER UP – (No name) Kiki Slater, Hope Hewitt, Shikha Raina, Zoe Cork

RUNNER UP – ORIGINAL CONTENT – Mae Czechovski, Emma Wells, Holly Pigford, Macie McEvoy, Jin Jung


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